Good and Bad, Mostly Bad, Ways to Fill Your Empty Soul: #28 Take Up Heavy Drinking

Take Up Heavy Drinking

take up heavy drinking

What it Entails:

There’s a point in the evening where alcohol helps. It relaxes you a little, makes it easier to talk to other people. Social lubricant they call it.

You’re aiming to go way past that. Way, way past that.

If you remember any part of the night you’ve failed. At the most you’re looking for a series of mental snapshots:
A haze of smoky air over a tray of empty shot glasses.
A vision of the floor coming up to catch you.
The back of the police cruiser.

You know, the highlights.

1. Known as “The fun guy at the party,” at least until people figure out that you aren’t.
2. You’ve found a use for all that extra money in your bank account. What a relief.
3. People will talk about you. A lot.

1. Enhanced chance of making bad decisions.
2. You forget what it feels like to enjoy a morning, any morning.
3. You’ll probably be part of some hilarious hijinks, you just won’t remember any of them.

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