Good and Bad, Mostly Bad, Ways to Fill Your Empty Soul: #27 Create Your Own Cocktail

Create Your Own Cocktail

What it Entails:

Step One:

You need to love alcohol, hate alcohol, or be low on items in your home bar.

Step Two:

Find ingredients.

Step Three:

Combine ingredients.

If you love alcohol you’re going to try to combine flavours to enhance your favorite beverage. If you hate alcohol you’ll do anything to conceal the flavours of what you’re creating, because you just want to get wasted. If your home bar is low on stock, that’s pretty much the only explanation for why you just made a rum and coke and red wine. It was probably made with cheap red wine.

Step Four:

Regardless of quality, convince yourself that you have just made the best drink of all time.

Step Five:

Force this gastronomic wunderkind / horror on your friends.

1. Can turn alcoholism into a socially acceptable hobby.
2. An excuse to buy/steal interesting and exotic bar ingredients.
3. Obscure sense of pride in having created something new.

1. Very good chance that your cocktail isn’t actually something new, it was just so bad that no-one else ever thought to make it twice.
2. Must develop a blatant disregard for the feedback coming from one’s own taste buds.
3. Are there fruits and umbrellas involved? Welcome to your coming extra-strength hangover.

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