Good and Bad, Mostly Bad, Ways to Fill Your Empty Soul: #24 Become an Astronaut

Become an Astronaut

become an astronaut

What it Entails:

Passion. Only the elite few become astronauts. To ascend to their ranks you’re going to need something that most people don’t have, a spark, a drive, a need. That need is most often a desire to get off of the planet due to the complete and utter hatred of all other terrestrial life.

You’re also going to need a unique skill set. NASA isn’t going to send you off-planet just because you want to leave. You’re going to have to add value to the team. Prepare to invest years in training as a scientist, engineer or pilot. Also prepare yourself for the idea that you’ll be working in an environment so hostile that there are countless Hollywood films based around you and your crew dying due to catastrophic equipment failure… but on the plus side… weightlessness!

1. Coolest reason to wear adult diapers.
2. Eat zero-g M&M’s while looking at an epic view.
3. Chance to participate in first contact.

1. You have to come home.
2. Going to space isn’t a vacation, you actually have to work.
3. Chance to be among the first enslaved due to first contact.

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