Good and Bad, Mostly Bad, Ways to Fill Your Empty Soul: #13 Photography



What it Entails:

What it Entails:
Choosing to take pictures of the world instead of interacting with it.

Use this preference to form a barrier to separate you from anything and everything. Think of yourself like a scholar in an ivory tower. Think of everyone else (except me) as a peasant. Wear pretentious clothes, and, regardless of gender, grow an ironic beard.

1. No talking required.
2. Should you decide to talk, people tend to do what the person with the camera says.
3. Dovetails nicely with blackmail.

1. You’ll be tempted to review your pictures and be confronted by the mediocrity of your work.
2. You’ll need subjects. This will require human interaction.
3. Should you turn professional, your art becomes more valuable after you die. Better make sure your family loves you…

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