Good and Bad, Mostly Bad, Ways to Fill Your Empty Soul: #12 Cage Diving

Cage Diving

cage diving

What it Entails:

What it Entails:
Getting off of dry land. You know, that place where humanity evolved. Getting in a boat. Getting out of the boat. Strapping portable oxygen onto your mouth. Jumping into an underwater cage where you’re surrounded by sharks.

Just in case you were wondering, sharks are also known as apex predators.

You’re not even pretending to love life anymore are you?

1. Awesome eulogy.
2. You might snap out of it for long enough to wonder what’s wrong with you. Should that happen while underwater you could well start screaming. Sharks hate that.
3. It’s cold. I hear the cold numbs pain… so that’s something.

1. If you do this, and you survive, you’ll eventually realize that no one loved you enough to stop you. That’s right, surviving is the depressing option.
2. Should the experience turn out to be transcendent and reignite your passion for life, you’re going to be underwater, surrounded by the ocean’s hitmen.
3. You need help. Seek help.

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