Good and Bad, Mostly Bad, Ways to Fill Your Empty Soul: #1 Take Up Hiking


What It Entails:
Hiking is an activity that is inviting to the non-hiker. All you need to get started are a set of new boots, hiking sunglasses, emergency safety kit, tradition Irish walking staff/club, pepper spray, collection of knives, portable water purification system and a compass. Once you’ve picked these items you can conquer trails in your vicinity.

1. Exercise
2. Depending on your skill with your pepper spray or knives you may end up as lunch for a prowling grizzly or mountain lion, ending your existence
3. Hiking can be solitary, avoiding the need for person to person contact

1. Equipment can be expensive
2. People may want to come with you, resulting in dreaded person to person contact
3. Lack of sanitary washrooms with delightful hand creams, similarly recent reports indicate a total lack of butler service

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